Triton 660 AVA Submersible by Triton Submarines

Tourist routes increasingly penetrate the most unexplored and romantic places on our planet. One of the most promising tourist destinations is underwater travel. Florida-based Triton Submarines has become the leader in tourist underwater vehicles. It has already launched a tourist route to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, sent excursions to the Titanic and created a private 24-seat submarine DeepView 24. Now the company’s line of underwater tourist vehicles is complemented by a fully transparent bathyscaphe Triton 660 AVA with an acrylic ellipsoidal body.

The original design of the hull, made in the shape of an elongated ellipse. It provides a significant internal volume and makes it possible to comfortably accommodate up to 9 tourists (1 pilot and 8 passengers) inside the Triton 660 AVA. The one-piece shell is made of acrylic and is able to withstand high pressure. This allows regular dives to a depth of 200 meters.

Measuring 2.75 meters long, 4.5 meters wide and 2.3 meters high. The new underwater vehicle Triton Submarines allows you to make comfortable educational underwater voyages. Moreover, you can turn the bathyscaphe into a truly closed elite casino.

In the underwater vehicle, you can equip a comfortable bar or hold a wedding ceremony. The interior height of the cockpit allows passengers to even arrange underwater discos. At the same time, however,  the relatively small size of the Triton 660 AVA allows them to be placed in the holds of both cruise ocean liners and in the cargo compartments of elite multi-meter sea yachts.

The autonomous operation of the Triton 660 AVA is provided by an electric battery with a capacity of 57 kWh, allowing you to start a 12-hour underwater trip. The bathyscaphe is driven by eight 5.5 kW electric motors (4 main and 4 shunting electric motors), providing a speed of about 5.5 km/h.

The submersible is controlled by the Hammerhead controller, which together with the Halo Cockpit allows the submersible to be operated wirelessly from anywhere inside the cockpit.