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Developers have managed to overcome the stiffness and monotony of unmanned aerial vehicles by creating a drone with six rotary engines. The creators of Voliro have proposed a simple but ingenious idea – using all six screws of the drone to change its position in space, stabilize it and increase agility.

The growing miniaturization of electronic devices could not leave out the production of unmanned aerial vehicles. The DJI company (China), a leader in the field, continues to produce drones. It has presented its new, smallest quadcopter, Spark, with simple operation and low cost.

A fundraising campaign aimed at collecting money for the creation of a selfie drone has just ended successfully on one popular crowdfunding site. An innovative device will please all the fans of photography.

Drone competitions have really turned into a sport. The Drone Racing League event has already taken place in Miami in 2016, and later this month the United Arab Emirates will be the first to host a world championship of race drones, World Drone Prix. The qualifying round, held on March 7-8, includes more than 100 teams. Each team consists of 4 or more people: a pilot, a navigator, a technician and the pit stop personnel. 32 participants with the highest score will compete for prizes in the final competition on March 11-12.

According to the Israeli student of the School of Engineering and Design Kobe Shikar, the delivery of goods is not ideal at present: it requires human and automotive resources. Taking into account traffic congestion, the human factor and other variables, it looks quite expensive for the supplier company.

The American Axis Drones Company has managed to fit the hardware for masterly maneuvering in the air indoors into a miniature drone with the dimensions of 3×3×2 cm.

The Aerius drone has the size of a coin; it can fly for 5-7 minutes and comes with an ultra-compact controller where the device can be hidden. The drone is equipped with a battery of 80 mAh and is charged with a USB cable in a matter of 15 minutes. A 6-axis gyrostabilizer is installed in it. The main body of the drone includes bright LED lights for night flying. A pre-ordered drone costs 35 dollars.