BRINC LEMUR tactical SWAT Drones

The latest BRINC LEMUR drones, manufactured by BRINC Drones, are designed to help SWAT teams locate, isolate and communicate with suspected criminals. A robust and stable body, combined with an easy-to-use payload compartment, allows LEMUR to break glass, climb stairs, maintain two-way communication with criminals, and roll over after an accident.

New lithium-ion battery technology allows LEMUR to fly for 31 minutes with 10 hours of active standby. One of the main tasks of the drone is to penetrate inside a building through doors or windows, move inside tight corridors, broadcast a video image to the operator, and, ultimately, detect criminals and start negotiations with them.

The special design of the BRINC LEMUR quadcopter provides for the installation of a heavy-duty carbon fiber frame that protects the propeller rotors. Special programs and mechanisms will allow the drone to open doors by pushing, as well as enter the room through windows, having previously destroyed the glass with a special mechanism rotating at a speed of 30 thousand rpm with a tungsten carbide impact tip.

The drone is controlled by the operator. The BRINC LEMUR receiver guarantees reliable indoor communication and the transmission of the first-person video to the remote control from the modular high-definition RGB camera with built-in night vision and IR illumination. The drone uses speakers and a microphone to negotiate with criminals.