Pocket Drone EVO Nano by Autel

Drones are definitely a useful device. These small flying objects allow you to significantly reduce the cost of filming from the air, so even amateurs can do this.

Previously, in order to make beautiful shots from a height, it was necessary to hire helicopters, so the cost of a film (even of a short film) grew exorbitantly.

Over time, small controlled drones appeared, and then good cameras appeared for them. Now they have become even more compact, and the shooting quality is even better.


The Autote company has created the Evo Nano+ drone, which films in 4K resolution and weighs only 250 grams. It is equipped with a 48 MP camera with a 1/1.28 inch sensor.

The camera itself is mounted on a three-axis suspension, thus the resulting image can be stabilized. The drone also has an object detection and collision avoidance protocol. It can track objects and shoot them in different styles while transferring the picture to your smartphone screen if you are within 10 km from the device.

The job being done, the device folds up and fits in your pocket.

What else is good about this drone? It can maneuver around obstacles, having 3-position sensors in its arsenal, and “retroactively” blur portraits of people on the set. You can fly it with remote control. It is also possible to edit the footage through the application on the phone.

The flight range of this baby is 16.8 km, which is quite an impressive distance, and it can stay in the air continuously for up to 30 minutes. Then it can be charged from the power supply or any outlet using USB-C.

So if you are looking for a miniature drone, feel free to buy this miracle. It won’t disappoint you.