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Action cameras are not as cool as they seem. However, the world’s first action sunglasses can be called cool since they allow not only to shoot and broadcast video, but also protect the eyes in a variety of situations.

For several years, GoPro company has held superiority in the action-camera market. However, it seems that in the near future it will have to make room. After all, competitors have come very close, releasing higher quality and cheaper products. We will tell you about the 5 best cameras in the world, alternative to GoPro.

The Danish Lumigon company has decided to draw attention to their products, by equipping a new premium smartphone with a dual camera, one of them is a 4-megapixel night vision camera, equipped with two infrared LED illumination signals. Thus, Lumigon T3 became the world’s first mobile device that can be used for night shooting and hidden surveillance because infrared light is invisible to the naked human eye.

Only smartphones with a dual photo module can shoot 3D videos. However, the tiny accessory called Eye-Plug was presented at Computex 2016 exhibition in Taipei by Taiwan Weeview startup – it gives the same opportunity to other Android-based smartphones, equipped with a USB Type-C connector.

Double Robotics Company has figured out how to make it easier to shoot 360-degree videos. The developers have created a robot called 360 Camera Dolly that is similar to a Segway or a telepresence robot, but instead of a person or a tablet, the device is transporting a camera. The undoubted advantage of the invention is that the operator, if desired, can avoid appearing in the video – Camera Dolly 360 is controlled by using a smartphone on iOS via Bluetooth, LTE/4G or Wi-Fi online.

During the latest CES exhibition, the Nikon company surprised everyone by announcing a new device, KeyMission 360 Action Camera. The compact housing of the product includes two lenses of the “fish-eye” type and two sensors looking in opposite directions. Due to this idea, the new product is able to shoot 360-degree video, suitable for virtual reality. The maximum resolution of the video is 4K.

It is not always comfortable to shoot videos of what is happening around using your camera or smartphone. At times, both hands are required to perform the main action: for example, during cooking, fishing, or when communicating with your child. Yes, there might be no one to help you, and you will want to capture the moment. It is for these situations that the 3RDi camera is invented. The authors call the invention the “third eye”. Indeed, it is very reminiscent of it.

The indiegogo site has started a camera project, designed specifically for creating panoramic images. Panono has a spherical shape and is more similar to a ball rather than to a technical device. Such a shape is not chosen for aesthetic reasons, but for the most effective implementation of tasks: creating 360-degree panoramic photos.