Samsung Patents Dactyloscopic Recognition System for Car Driver

Samsung has offered a simple but effective way to protect cars from theft using a dactyloscopic recognition system. The fingerprint sensor will allow you to uniquely identify the owner of the car and exclude the possibility of unauthorized persons entering the car in order to steal the vehicle.

Modern anti-theft devices do not allow to completely avoid car theft, despite the introduction of more and more advanced technologies with GPS navigation and other high-tech means.

Developers from Samsung have proposed to place several sensors that recognize fingerprints in different places of the car. The sensor located on the door handle will protect the passenger compartment from intruders, and the sensor on the steering wheel, in addition to identifying the owner, can provide a prerequisite for starting the engine. This two-factor protection will greatly improve safety. You can strengthen measures to protect a car from theft using the driver’s smartphone, which must also be in the car at the time of user identification.

The patent description does not provide information on Samsung’s plans to use fingerprint protection technology for vehicles. Currently, there is no information about the intention of the company to sell a license for the traditional technology of driver recognition, or about Samsung’s plans to develop and manufacture its own vehicles.