Xiaomi Mijia Walking Treadmill Can Be Stored Under Your Bed

Xiaomi has created a new version of its own treadmill, designed primarily for walking. The device is called Mijia Walking Treadmill. The novelty can be folded and has a minimal design solution. The development will occupy minimal space in the house.

Not only when folded, but also being ready for use, the treadmill is easily placed under the bed. It is very convenient to transport thanks to 2 special small wheels. The weight of the track itself is 28 kilograms, and its thickness is 12 centimeters. At the same time, it is designed for a person weighing up to 90 kilograms.

Near the front base of the device, buttons and an LED screen are provided. It displays the distance covered, the speed and duration of the activity. The speed of rotation can be increased with a mini-remote, which is available in the kit, or simply by accelerating the speed of steps. In this case, the rate of pace growth is determined by the sensors placed under the belt. They will adjust the rotation mode to the new rhythm.

Statistical data can be collected by connecting the Mijia Walking Treadmill to a mobile application. You can also connect the device to a “smart” TV and display the data from its screen directly on a TV display. The data in this case will appear in the upper right corner. This way you can monitor your activity and watch a program or a film at the same time.