Virgin Galactic to Sell Space Tickets for $450k

The space tourism industry is becoming commonplace, and Virgin Galactic announces the launch of space tickets sales for suborbital flights for residents of any country in the world. A press release from the company claims that a few emotional minutes spent in the Earth orbit will fully pay off the cost of $450,000 per ticket.

A space adventure that allows you to see the “fragile Earth” from the height of about a hundred kilometers, stay for several minutes (at least 3 minutes) in weightlessness, fly over the planet at a speed of about 4200 km/h (2.6 thousand miles per hour or Mach 3.5), will last only 90 minutes. However, according to Virgin Galactic, even such a short stay in space can completely change the worldview of the traveler.

The Virgin Galactic VSS Unity spacecraft is designed for 4 passengers. In the first phase, the ship will be attached to the parent aircraft VMS Eve. The journey will start from Spaceport America in New Mexico. The ticket price includes accommodation in a hotel at the spaceport, education and training, as well as transportation to the launch site. Each traveler will receive an individually tailored suit, Under Armor boots and other necessary equipment.

In total, it is planned to sell up to 1000 tickets during the first stage. All Virgin Galactic space travelers become members of the Future Astronaut community.