Smart and Compact Cargo-Caring Robot Gitamini

Piaggio Fast Forward has released its second robot, a compact version of the Gita cargo device, dubbed Gitamini. The first presentation of the prototype of the robot carrier was held in 2017, and two years later the first robot Gita entered the market, moving at a speed of up to 9.5 km/h and capable of carrying up to 18 kg.

The next model from Piaggio Fast Forward is a more compact version of the first robot. Gitamini travels at speeds up to 9 km/h, transports luggage weighing up to 9 kg and can travel up to 33 km on a single battery charge.

The Gitamini Porter Robot uses a variety of cameras and sensors, including radar to navigate and track the user. To activate the follow host mode, you just need to stand in front of Gitamini and press the pairing button. The robot “captures” the user using computer vision (without GPS and Bluetooth) and simply follows the owner like a dog.

The sale of the new Gitamini is scheduled to start on October 15. The price of the new items will be $1,850. At the same time, the price of the original Gita will be reduced from $3,250 (starting price from November 18, 2019) to $2,950.