Hunter 1.0 Keyboard for Hunters

Mechanical Hunter 1.0 keyboard is aimed at everyone who is not indifferent to computer games. The simplified version of the classical keyboard offers only the most useful functional keys for the target audience: 12 buttons, a joystick and a trigger.
Mechanical buttons, equipped with a spring mechanism, take into account the location of the player’s hand. On the one hand, none of them needs to be reached out for, and on the other hand, they are well spaced, so pressing a different key accidentally is excluded. The panel itself is made of non-slip material, providing a comfortable position of the hand, so you can play with comfort for hours.

All keys are equipped with LED-backlight and can be configured to run certain macros and perform various specified functions, switching several layouts. In addition, the model is provided with the function of vibration. It’s easy to configure by pressing or disabling it altogether.

The model is connected to the computer with USB Type C. The product weighs 215 grams and has dimensions of 200 x 200 x 35 mm.