Apple Car: New Shocking Details

Among the many promising developments of Apple, a special place and increased interest is given to the project of an electric car, Apple Car. Famed for his truthful predictions, Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo provided some details about Apple car.

First of all, the analyst confirmed the message that the production of the Apple car will be carried out in partnership with the largest Korean automaker Hyundai. At the same time, the production of Apple Car will be deployed in the United States, based on the factories of the second largest Korean automaker Kia. The Hyundai Mobis division will take part in the development of individual vehicle components, and the electric car itself will be based on the E-GMP platform presented by Hyundai in 2020.

Hyundai’s platform will be able to guarantee impressive performance for Apple Car. Thus, the acceleration speed to 100 km/h will be only 3.5 seconds, and the autonomous travel radius will be more than 500 km at a maximum speed of 260 km/h. The battery pack of the E-GMP platform supports fast charging technology, whereby 80% of the energy can be refilled in just 18 minutes.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the development of the Apple Car will take a long time. The analyst notes that even creating the next iPhone “takes about 18-24 months from the initial specification to mass production.” Considering that Apple has no experience in the automotive industry, the complexity of the car compared to the smartphone (there are 40-50 times more components in the car than in the smartphone) and the complexity in the supply chain point to the fact that the Apple Car should not enter the market before 2025.