Kunlun 2: The First Step to Self-Driving Smart Cars

The largest Chinese search engine continues to diversify its business and enter the market for technologies using artificial intelligence by presenting Kunlun 2. It also plans to produce fully robotic cars without drivers.

During the annual Baidu World conference, CEO Robin Li unveiled Kunlun 2, a second-generation AI chip, and a “robotic car,” an autonomous vehicle with the doors that open like wings and a large screen for entertainment. At the same time, it was stated that the presented car is a prototype. The question is whether Baidu will produce it in series.

The control system, powered by the Kunlun 2 processor, supports face, voice and gesture recognition technology. There is no driver room inside the car, and there is no steering wheel or pedals. The company plans to release the first serial robotic vehicles supporting autonomous control technology of the fifth level in the next two to three years.

According to analysts, the new direction of business development could bring billions of dollars in profits to the search engine giant. The company has already signed a contract with the state-owned carmaker BAIC Group to build 1,000 self-driving cars over the next three years.