Two New Handy Apple Accessories

After presenting the wheels for the Mac Pro system block (2019) at the price of the wheels for an average car, it seemed that Apple was simply unable to produce cheap accessories. However, the developers made fans wonder once again and presented two more accessories not only affordable, but also practical in everyday life. It is the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro (2020), which turns the tablet into a full-fledged computer with a convenient data entry system and ear pads for the new wireless Airpods Pro headphones.

Easy-to-use iPad Pro compact Magic Keyboard has a built-in track pad, a full-size, illuminated keyboard with a 1 mm scissor amplitude and can be adjusted at an angle of up to 130 degrees. Connection to the tablet is carried out using magnetic latches. The developers offer two keyboard variants for the iPad Pro with an 11-inch diagonal screen at the cost of $299. For $349, you could purchase an iPad Pro keyboard with a diagonal of 12.9 inches.

Spare replaceable ear pads for TWS Apple AirPods of any of the three sizes will be available for $7.99. In the standard set of headphones, the company supplies all three sizes of small, medium and large ear pads. In case of loss or wear of the nozzles, the owner will now be able to choose and purchase the most suitable size of the ear pads for use and order them in the Apple online store.