Smart First Responder Jacket by Nokia

Nokia company has demonstrated its “smart” first responder jacket at the Barcelona MWC 2018 exhibition. The novelty was designed by CHASE LifeTech FR company in collaboration with the software-developing GINA company and the South Korean Kolon brand.

The first responder jacket looks like the uniform or rescuers, firemen or patrol policemen. The technological model is equipped with light reflectors, a system of GPS, temperature, and heart rate sensors, as well as an accelerometer. This complex is located in a small module inside a sleeve. It is convenient because it can easily be replaced with another module that contains the required functionality. On the chest, there is a special connector where you can mount a camera, especially if you are a policeman.

This Nokia jacket will suit ordinary users in everyday life, but its main purpose is to be used during disasters or rescue operations. In the sleeve, you can place a smoke detector, which is especially important for firefighters. The module, equipped with a sensor for determining oxygen content in blood, will allow monitoring the condition of people working in difficult or emergency conditions in real time. All indications will be transmitted to the base station, where the software will analyze them and notify the medical service in case of deterioration of human health.

The cost of CHASE LifeTech FR was not announced, and the developers are currently looking for customers.