Ninetygo Smart Heated Parka by Xiaomi

Severe Siberian or Canadian frosts will not scare off the owners of Ninetygo Smart Heated Parka jackets designed by a Xiaomi division, Ninetygo. A carbon nanotube film integrated into the jacket will additionally warm the owner of the smart parka.

Ninetygo Smart Heated Parka fabric complies with the IPx4 moisture protection standard and contains natural duck down (80%) as the main filler. In the neck and back, the carbon nanotube fabric is sewn into the jacket, which allows the wearer to receive additional heating. The smart jacket is powered by a 10,000 mAh battery, and the heat supply starts after three seconds of heating on.

The first smart jacket from Ninetygo hit the market last year and immediately won the prestigious design award at the IF design awards (Germany). In the second generation of smart jackets, the developers took into account the users’ preferences.

The Ninetygo Smart Heated Parka Jacket is currently available on AliExpress Tmall.