In-Ceiling, In-Wall & Outdoor Sonos Home Speakers Are Barely Seen

The design of modern premises is focused on minimalism and maximum comfort. The Sonos speakers were created by the American company in partnership with Sonance. They are easily hidden in the interior and will be quite difficult to detect. The fact is that new In-Ceiling, In-Wall, and Outdoor models are built directly into the walls or ceiling of a dwelling.

The first round-shaped Sonos In-Ceiling model is installed in the ceiling. The wall mounted In-Wall speaker has a similar construction. Both speakers use TruePlay technology and are compatible with the Sonos Amp player, which enables connecting a TV and controlling the volume level.

Both models have a caseless structure. It is necessary to prepare a special niche in the wall and ceiling to install them. Moreover, wires are needed to connect it with Amp.

The Sonos Outdoor model is designed for outdoor use and is equipped with a special mount for easy installation.

The speakers are available on sale in a double set. The first two embedded models can be purchased for $599. The Outdoor model will cost a little more – $799. The installation of the proposed speaker systems is most convenient to perform during repair or construction.