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There are more and more gadgets in our pockets, attaché cases, strewn around our homes, but, while it’s already regarded as customary, there is no or little actual breakthrough progress which would leave us gaping at the radical change. True, the stuff is getting better, yet we haven’t had any real surprises recently. Our iPhones remain about the same, our PCs may look differently but basically they, too, are the same good old work tools or play tools.

Today is an amazing time when conceptual projects become a reality. That’s what happened with an energy-saving project of the two world renowned companies – Panasonic and Toyota. Now, thanks to a solar panel roof, the car can work not only on fuel but also on alternative energy.

Chinese journalist robot named Xiao Nan wrote his first news article that the local Southern Metropolis Daily newspaper did not hesitate to publish. The article consists of 300 hieroglyphic characters and contains a coherent text on traffic problems in the region caused by preparing for the celebration of Chinese New Year. But the main intrigue is that the journalist robot coped with the editor’s task in just 1 second.

Most people are unlikely to see a fire tornado live. However, brave experimenters decided to demonstrate a spectacular show in slow motion. Guys named Gav and Dan created a firestorm by installing a dozen of fans around the container with fuel.