Samsung Shows off Their Smartphone Prototype with a Foldable Display

The first mention of an unusual smartphone with a screen folding in two places appeared during the May exhibition Display Week 2021, where Samsung presented an exhibition smartphone model with a foldable display which is an OLED display, “S-folding” in two places.

Just three months later, at the IMID 2021 (International Meeting for Information Displays) conference in Seoul, Samsung engineers presented a working prototype of a smartphone with a screen that folds in two places according to the “accordion” principle.

The developers also confirmed the working title of the prototype – Samsung Flex In & Out, although it is unlikely that the smartphone will be launched under this name.

Along with the Samsung Flex In & Out prototype, representatives of the South Korean company at IMID 2021 also presented a 17.3-inch laptop with a flexible screen and sub-screen camera, as well as a smart speaker with a flexible 12.4-inch display.