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Google management and employees have a reason to worry. The corporation has finally started building its grandiose new Charleston East headquarters in California Mountain View. The City Council approved the development plan in the North Bayshore district. If the situation develops favorably, the employees will celebrate a symbolic housewarming at the end of 2019.

For 5 years of its existence, the semi-secret Google X research lab has not released any mass products onto the market. However, over the years, developers have discussed no less than 500 fantastical ideas, moonshots, and started working on about 40 of them. Though most of the Google X projects under development are kept secret, the Corporation has introduced some of them to the world. Geniusgadget.com, referring to Business Insider, suggests having a look at the most amazing Google developments, which are to change the life of mankind.

Driverless cars has definitely become an ascending issue lately, and there are good reasons for that: the idea is captivating for people’s minds as an inherent feature of a future city, it is supposed to relieve the excesses of city traffic and therefore lessen the possibility of road accidents, and, finally, they will be a sort of a Godsend to disabled people who are incapable of driving on their own, especially to the blind.

News and rumors about another Google Glass’ competitor is constantly circulating in the web. In today’s article we will talk about one of them, which will soon go on sale. Gadget Recon Jet on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean can really do much.