Razer Anzu Smart Sunglasses

Razer Company, specializing in the production of computer peripherals, develops a new market segment for itself and opens the sale of Razer Anzu Smart Glasses. Razer smart glasses are equipped with standard sunglasses and special lenses that block blue light, as well as built-in microphones and speakers.

The new Razer gadget, in addition to the interchangeable polarized sun lenses, gets an additional kit to protect against blue light emanating from the computer screen. Blue lenses filter up to 35% blue, while standard sun protection lenses protect the user’s eyes from 99% UVA or UVB radiation (long-wave and medium-wave ultraviolet radiation of groups A and B).

Sound transmission is provided by the speakers (16 mm) built into the Razer Anzu earbuds using Bluetooth 5.1 wireless technology. Audio files can be listened to with the lowest latency on the market, 60ms, allowing the wearer to enjoy smooth audio without delays or skipping.

Omnidirectional microphones, also built into the earbuds, provide high-quality hands-free communication when making a phone call or sending commands to a voice assistant. Microphones, speakers and charging ports (USB-A) are integrated symmetrically into each of the temples. On the outside of the temples, there is a touch-sensitive surface to control the operation of the Razer Anzu.

The body of the glasses is IPX4 splash resistant, thus ensuring all-weather performance and sweat resistance. Autonomous work for 5 hours is provided by built-in batteries. In addition, standard polarized lenses can be replaced with prescription lenses.

The Razer Anzu Smart Glasses are now available on the official Razer website for $199. In addition to two sets of lenses, the kit includes a USB-A charging cable, a cloth for cleaning the surface of the glasses, and a case for transporting the device.