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Before the start of the Computex exhibition, Asus organized the Edge of Beyond presentation showing their new products: ZenBook’s Flip ultra-thin notebook-transformer, compact and efficient ZenBook Pro UX550laptop, VivoBook laptops in ZenBook-style, and a stylish Blue Cave router.


The evolution of technology has led to the fact that modern smartphones are no inferior to laptops in power and speed. So many companies are exploring the possibility of creating a hybrid device that will integrate the features of a computer and a mobile phone.

Lenovo has expanded its range of convertible laptops by releasing the new models, Yoga 520 and Yoga 720. They are equipped with a seventh-generation Intel Core processor, Windows 10, Windows Hello fingerprint reader, whereby you do not need to enter a password, and a stylus support to write directly on the touchscreen. However, the stylus itself is not included in the set.

HP, in cooperation with ZM, has equipped the laptops, EliteBook 1040 and EliteBook 840, with an anti-spy technology. The Sure View technology allows you to hide what is happening on the screen from those who are standing or sitting to the side of the device. The image is only visible to those located within an arc of 75 degrees.

Lenovo Yoga Book is compact laptop, which consists of a 10.1-inch Full HD- touchscreen and a sensor keyboard, which at the user’s request can be switched in digitizer mode. Using a digital pen, you can draw pictures directly on the Wacom panel. Furthermore, the surface is able to recognize handwriting and digitize it into the printed version.

The idea of ​​using the production power of smartphones as a computing element for the personal computer is not new. The participants of the Superbook project decided not to miss the opportunity, and as far as the market is not full of such devices yet, they announced the eponymous dock station that resembles a laptop.

Japanese VAIO Corporation has introduced its first laptop, the design of which was developed after the brand had been sold to the Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) investment fund in the summer of 2014. The VAIO Z model is the flagship laptop. Ultrabook transformer will cost $1.600 in Japan. The device can operate as a laptop or a pseudo tablet PC.

2014 might be not the best year for gaming computers manufacturers, as the gamers’ attention is focused on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam Machines. However, this niche cannot remain unoccupied, and the Maingear company was among the first to fill it with the Pulse 17 laptop. The new product has a slim and stylish body, the color of which can be selected by the user to make it a personal thing. However, this option is available for an additional fee. Another interesting feature is the ability to install Windows 7 for the opponents of Microsoft’s latest operating system.