World’s Most Compact Transformer Laptop

Leading technology giants are working at an accelerated pace to create the most compact, but powerful computer systems. The HP developers announced, in their opinion, the world’s most compact transformer laptop Specter x360 13, whose weight is 1.27 kg, which is 13% smaller than the previous model. The usable area occupied by the screen on the top of the device is 90%,which is impressive even for computers. Among the main advantages of the Specter x360 13, there is an increase in user privacy protection and a significant increase in computer battery life

The laptop received a 13-inch 4K OLED display with the brightness of 400 nits, a contrast ratio of 100,000:19 and with support of the True Black HDR technology. As for the display, the factory color calibration Delta E <2 is carried out, which allows to increase the color gamut range by 30%. For comfortable work in sunny weather, the Specter x360 13 screen is equipped with an anti-reflective coating.

The size of the laptop decreased by 13% compared with the previous model. The device became 23.4 mm thinner, and the frames around the screen decreased by 12 mm from the top and 15 mm from the bottom. For the convenience of the user, the shutdown button is installed in the left corner of the laptop, and USB Type-C in the right corner. This arrangement simplifies the work with wires and at the same time eliminates the possibility of accidentally disconnecting the device.

The hardware of Specter x360 13 laptop runs on a tenth-generation 4-core Intel Core processor with an Iris Plus graphics chip. As a result, the performance of the laptop is doubled compared to the previous model. At the same time, energy consumption is reduced, which makes it possible to work offline for up to 22 hours.

Intel Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) network adapter and optional 4×4 Gigabit LTE network support increase performance by 122% compared to Cat. 9 2×2. HP Command Center Utility optimizes the performance of your Specter x360 13 laptop by moving on to priority tasks, increasing throughput, reducing network latency, and working with preset color ranges for accurate color reproduction.

Specter x360 13 user privacy protection is reached by using Webcam Kill Switch, the function of turning off the web camera while it is not in use. When the microphone is activated on the laptop, light indication is triggered.

Specter x360 A 13 separate package uses Sure View Gen3 technology to protect the screen from peeping with display brightness up to 1000 nits. The device is unlocked via a fingerprint scanner, which is located near the keyboard.