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The new headset, created by American scientists, will help to read the thoughts of those who cannot express them. It can also help people to better express their emotions and even control electronics.

A huge number of devices have been invented and introduced for users to enjoy music at any time or look after their health effortlessly. But so far no one has offered to combine several devices into one, as the authors of the KUAI project did. The invention looks like ordinary headphones, but the functionality of the device is much broader. It is also a great fitness tracker and a music player – a real godsend for athletes and audiophiles. The device is suitable for all people with an active lifestyle – cyclists, runners and even swimmers. The hybrid is waterproof and can easily withstand immersion to the depth of 3 meters. KUAI consists of two module headphones connected by a cable. It has a built-in accelerometer and heart rate sensor. The product is able to count the number of steps taken, distance traveled, taking into account the pace, calories burned etc.

Quality music fans and new gadgets may be interested in a new product, recently presented at Kickstarter. STREAMZ headphones provide high quality sound and have a built-in player, WiFi modules and Bluetooth, which allow you to listen to your favorite music without having to connect additional devices.