Wireless Noise Canceling FreeBuds 4 by Huawei

Huawei has presented several new high-tech devices at the scheduled Smart Life conference. Among other things, they included a new modification of FreeBuds 4, the 4th generation of wireless headphones. The previous modification of the FreeBuds 3 TWS headphones from Huawei developers was released back in 2019.

The new flagship FreeBuds 4 headphones have a design similar to the previous model in the in-ear form factor and are powered by the original Krin A1 processor. According to the developers, the update of the headphones provided a reduction in their weight by 20.8% and dimensions by 6.3% compared to the FreeBuds 3 model.

For sound transmission, FreeBuds 4 has 14.3 mm drivers and built-in microphones to pick up voices and ambient noise. The headphones are equipped with the ANC active noise cancellation system, which reduces extraneous sounds to the level of 25 dB (a person’s whisper from a distance of 1 m). The noise cancellation system is adaptive and will be able to adjust to the noises surrounding the user.

The audio delay does not exceed 90 ms. Huawei engineers were able to achieve a reduction in the size of the charging case while maintaining battery life up to 22 hours. The autonomy of the headphones themselves is 4 hours. To recharge the case, the USB-C connector or Qi wireless technology is used. Wireless communication is provided by Bluetooth 5.2.

In China, the sale of Huawei FreeBuds 4 starts on June 1 at a price of $155. The headphone housing is available in three colors: Ceramic White, Silver Frost and Honey Red.