Emotiv EEG Neuro-Headset Reads Emotions

The new headset, created by American scientists, will help to read the thoughts of those who cannot express them. It can also help people to better express their emotions and even control electronics.

A team of scientists, engineers and physicians from California (USA) has created a unique headset to be worn on the forehead, which allows “reading” other people’s thoughts. Despite the loud wording, it should be noted at once that the headset is capable of doing not quite the same thing as the majority of people are likely to imagine. However, we need to tell you first how this became possible.

The dream of the opportunity to “read” people’s minds or control something with only one thought has always haunted the minds of romantic individuals and scientists. In the 20th century, it became clear that there is nothing impossible when it comes to the interaction of the human brain and electronics. In the past few decades, scientists have been actively working in this direction and have achieved considerable success.

The new headset is called Emotiv EEG. Nowadays, it is still an experimental prototype; however, the first tests were incredibly successful. What does Emotiv EEG allow you to do? It’s very simple: the gadget scans the electronic waves, emitted by the brain, and converts them into words and images. Next, the headset flashes the resulting graphical data on the display, giving all the surrounding people a chance to understand what the person wants.

How can such a headset be used? Primarily, it is useful for people with disabilities, for people suffering from a number of serious diseases, including mental or nervous system disorders. For instance, during the last test of Emotiv EEG, a person suffering from Parkinson’s syndrome could ask for a glass of water and “said” thank you.