Xiaomi 2K Driving Recorder 2 & Smart-Lock E

Regardless of the economic situation, global problems with the coronavirus, and the state of the high-tech market, Xiaomi developers continue to expand the range of new gadgets that simplify our lives and solve many everyday problems. Xiaomi engineers have introduced two new devices: Xiaomi Smart Lock E and a video recorder with a screen and the ability to shoot video in the 2K format.

Sooner or later, the quarantine will end, and we will have to leave our homes. They will be protected with the designed Xiaomi Smart Lock E, having 6 (six) unlock methods. The Xiaomi lock can be opened using a fingerprint, a password, a timer, Bluetooth, HomeKit, or in the traditional way using a standard key. At the same time, the accuracy of the fingerprint sensor is 98.5%.

Using HomeKit expands the possibilities of using the Xiaomi Smart Lock E to the Apple ecosystem: iPhone, iPad, or Watch. The owners of these products can use either a special application or Siri assistant.

Autonomous operation is ensured by eight standard batteries, guaranteeing 18 months of operating the lock. When the charge of the batteries diminishes to 20%, the LED alarm on the lock lights up, indicating the need to replenish energy. However, even if the batteries are completely discharged, they can be recharged via the USB Type-C connector or a standard key. The price of Smart Lock E will be about $140.

The Mi Smart Dashcam 2K DVR is equipped with an IPS screen with a diagonal of 3 inches and the ability to record video in the 1600p format, which is even higher than the standard 2K format (1440p). The camera has an ultra-wide capture of the scene – up to 140 degrees. The OmniVision OS05A10 optical sensor supports the backlight technology and has a fast lens with an f/1.8 aperture, which provides fairly high quality in low light conditions. Voice control is also supported. The price of Mi Smart Dashcam 2K was $56.