All-Weather Outdoor TV Samsung Terrace

Fierce competition in the market for television devices forces Samsung to use innovative marketing and technological solutions to expand the range of products presented. The new high-tech line of Samsung Terrace televisions will be included in the lineup of lifestyle systems, which already feature Sero, Serif, and Frame interior televisions. The eloquent name already indicates the fact that new television sets can be used on the street, in the open air.

Samsung’s premier outdoor home television has a dust and moisture protection housing that meets the IP55 class (protection of power and low-voltage wires from dust and water). The new Samsung Terrace will be able to work in the rain and in dusty environments.

Another feature of Samsung Terrace TVs is the high brightness of the QLED 4K screen, which is 2000 nits, while in standard television devices this value does not exceed 600 nits, and in-office monitors it reaches only 300 nits. This technical characteristic will provide comfortable viewing of television programs even during a sunny day when the sun rays fall directly on the TV screen. However, it will not be possible to celebrate the New Year with Samsung Terrace located on the street – the models are not designed to work in freezing temperatures.

Among the innovations, one can also note the use of HDBaseT technology, which allows using a single cable and one connector to transmit video, audio, and Internet content, as well as to provide power supply (up to 100W). By placing the connection block inside, the developers provided additional protection against dust and moisture. Other types of connectors and connections in Samsung Terrace are not provided. However, there is the possibility of transmitting data via Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth.

The general technical specifications of Samsung Terrace models are similar to those of the flagship QLED 4K TVs, representing the model range of 2020. Outdoor TVs will be delivered to the market with three screen sizes: a 55-inch Samsung Terrace costs $3,500 in the US, a 65-inch TV costs $5,000, and a top-end model with a 75-inch screen costs $6,500.

Samsung Terrace TVs are currently sold in the US and Canada and will soon be available in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.