NxtWear G: a Compact Wearable TCL Display

The NxtWear G concept mobile wearable display was first unveiled by TCL at CES 2021. Now the company has announced the start of mass production of the device, which will hit the market in July at a price of $680. NxtWear G will initially be marketed in Australia, followed by other countries around the world.

The statement notes that NxtWear G in the presented configuration is not a VR or AR device, but works as an external screen for a wearable mobile gadget or laptop. Technically, NxtWear G is represented by Sony dual 1080p Micro OLED panels that give you the experience of viewing content on a 140-inch monitor.

The wearable display works with phones, tablets, and laptops that support USB-C DisplayPort, including the latest MacBooks, iPad Pros and Samsung S21 smartphones. The glasses connect to the device, displaying content on a 16:9 screen directly in front of the user’s eyes.

Speakers integrated into the frame are used for sound transmission. Also, the developers advise using wireless headphones. The NxtWear G weighs just 130 grams.