High-Precision Phrozen 3D Printer Sonic Mini 8K for Jewelry Printing

The company Phrozen (Taiwan) announced the launch of a new high-precision 3D printer Sonic Mini 8K featuring an LCD display using resin-based lithography. The printer has an XY axis resolution of 22 microns unique in the market and previously unheard of in any commercially available 3D printer.

The Sonic Mini 8K printer’s high-resolution 8K printing will deliver the most delicate detail at a high resolution of 22 microns or 1152 PPI for a build area size of 165x72x180 mm. Such a solution is comparable or even superior to the accuracy of handmade jewelry.

The new Sonic Mini 8K is the next device in the series that began with the Sonic Mega 8K introduced by Phrozen this summer, prints at 43 microns. The new Sonic Mini 8K belongs to the class of small home printers and gets a 7.1-inch liquid crystal matrix with a resolution of 7500×3240, a 3.5-inch touch screen, and a highly durable body.

The new photopolymer Aqua-Gray 8K provides high-precision printing with 8K resolution exactly on the Sonic Mini 8K printer, allowing unique 3D articles up to jewelry. Orders for the Sonic Mini 8K will be accepted beginning Oct. 17. The cost of the compact printer in the first phase will be $349. Later, the price will increase to $600. However, the Sonic Mini 8K will still cost significantly less than the Sonic Mega 8K model released in the summer, priced at $1,600.