DisConnect Gadget Helps to Get Rid of Smartphone Addiction

Do you often find yourself thinking that you are always distracted by your phone during work or essential matters? Sometimes you really want to do something useful, but you always have a mobile gadget in your hands.

Why not solve the problem radically? If you are physically addicted to your smartphone, a new device, disConnect, will help.

This is an electronic lock that allows you not to be distracted during work.

It is put on like a strap and in fact, makes the phone unusable until the timer that you set yourself expires.

However, if there is an important incoming call, you can enter a pin code on the device at any time, and it will allow you to use the phone.

Among other things, the device has a special “trick”. You can block up to four devices at once. Thus, no one will be on the phone during the gatherings and get distracted by unnecessary messages on social networks.