Xiaomi Viomi Internet Refrigerator

Another device from the collection of Xiaomi smart things is presented by the company’s engineers. This time, the developers pleased the housewives by creating a multi-functional smart refrigerator Viomi Internet Refrigerator with three sections and a total volume of 408 liters and equipped with a 21-inch touch screen monitor. The refrigerator does not require defrosting, as it uses the already standard No Frost function.

Another advantage of the device is its flexible control system. A widescreen display with Full HD resolution that supports touch and voice control. When working with the monitor, the user gets access to weather forecast, news, and also to the full information about the temperature regime in each of the three cameras of the device. Now, housewives will be able to use millions of recipes from the Internet, order food delivery, watch movies or entertainment shows. Also, the refrigerator can be integrated into the Xiaomi Miija ecosystem.

The main function of refrigerators is the storage and freezing of food products with the technology that prevents ice from forming. Effective air circulation also eliminates the possibility of unpleasant odors. The total volume of 408 liters is distributed between three chambers: a freezer compartment – 182 liters, a freshness zone – 95 liters, and a refrigerator proper – 131 liters. The cost of the model will be about $800.