Tiny GPS Tracker TrackR

This innovative accessory relies on satellites and smartphones to help you be aware of where your car, wife, dog, children, or purse are. The device is as simple as all genius inventions and as cheap as other electronic watches made in China.

A car can hardly be compared with a purse or even a bunch of keys, but it can also be lost quite easily – not necessarily stolen by car thieves. Just imagine a simple situation: you go to a supermarket and leave your car in the parking lot, and then, after a long walk around the store, you come out and realize that you have forgotten where exactly the vehicle was parked. These and many other troublesome situations can be prevented, if the driver relies on a new, small and very affordable accessory.

The novelty reflects the best features of modern technology that has opened up unprecedented horizons. This is a new GPS tracker, which bears a symbolic name “TrackR”. Today, more than 4.5 million items of the device have been sold all over the world. There is nothing complicated in the way the gadget works – it is quite a usual GPS running on a lithium-ion battery. After turning on, the TrackR gadget begins to transmit the signal that will help you find its location. All you need is to leave this thing in the car, and you will never lose it.

Of course, TrackR needs a mobile device that supports GPS technology. Fortunately, such devices are an absolute majority in the market. The two gadgets must be synchronized using a tracker application with the same name. The entire procedure takes less than five minutes, and even a small child can cope with it!

It should also be mentioned that the TrackR accessory (as our readers may have already guessed) can easily keep track of anything, not just the car. The gadget will also keep track of your belongings, such as a bag or a diplomat, a backpack, a jacket, or – if you wish! – the second sock, which is always lost somewhere!

You can even become a real James Bond and watch your naughty children, the spouse, and even your elderly parents, if they have a health issue and love to walk outdoors. The list of possible applications is limited only by the TrackR happy owner’s imagination. The app also allows you to connect several gadgets simultaneously.