Supield + Smart Jacket by Xiaomi

Xiaomi developers are actively introducing high technology into all spheres of human life. The industry producing smart clothes that allow wearers to more comfortably survive the approaching cold is also developing quite actively. The new model of the winter jacket, launched on the Youpin crowdfunding site and dubbed Supield+, has a special insulating layer of airgel that can protect the wearer even in contact with ultra-cold liquid nitrogen. The Supield+ jacket also features a 3-position heater.

According to the developers, the airgel has a thermal conductivity that is 6 times less than the thermal conductivity of air. A 3-mm layer of such insulation is able to protect the user when contacting a stream of liquid nitrogen with a temperature of minus 196°C. The performance of a 3mm gel layer is comparable to that of a traditional 40mm down jacket. Airgel does not change its characteristics when in contact with water and not susceptible to mould formation.

In addition to the passive thermal insulation system, Supield+ jackets have the option of rapid heating using a 3-position carbon fiber heater (30, 35 and 40°C). The jacket can be washed using the traditional method without worrying about the integrity of the heating system. Another degree of protection from the cold is the silvery reflective fabric, which preserves the heat emitted by the human body.

You can order the Supield+ jacket in China at $75 for the standard length and at $90 for the extended model.