Panoramic Ball Camera Panono

The indiegogo site has started a camera project, designed specifically for creating panoramic images. Panono has a spherical shape and is more similar to a ball rather than to a technical device. Such a shape is not chosen for aesthetic reasons, but for the most effective implementation of tasks: creating 360-degree panoramic photos.

The most interesting feature is the unique way of using it: to make a picture, you need to throw the camera in the air, and at the highest point of flight Panono will automatically make simultaneous imaging with all 36 megapixel cameras. The images can be instantly transferred to your phone (supported by Android and iOS).

Taking into consideration the characteristics of the device, the creators have made it strong enough to fall without being broken, but they warn that the device cannot be used to play football and it should not be dropped from a plane or a skyscraper. Panono does not support video recording, since the emphasis is on the quality of the photos.

The ball diameter is 11 cm, and the weight is 300 grams. If the fund-raising campaign proves to be successful, the production will start, and the gadget will be sold starting from the last quarter of 2014 for the price of about $550.


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