Delivery Robot Digit by Ford & Agility Robotics

Ford and Agility Robotics have offered their new common concept for the delivery of orders without the participation of people. The package is delivered to the customer’s door by an unmanned minivan and a two-legged robot Digit, which can lift cargoes up to 18 kilograms.

How do these partners work? The vehicle brings the robot and the load to the customer’s house. The robot independently gets out of the cargo area, takes the package and carries it to the door. Digit is equipped with a lidar and several cameras. In addition, the minivan wirelessly sends a detailed map of the area and the information about the current situation. The robot receives not only this information but also the recommendations about the best route to the customer’s door.

Digit can climb the stairs, avoid obstacles, and walk on uneven surfaces. The robot is lightweight, which saves the battery power for work during the day.