Compact Treadmill Xiaomi WalkingPad S1

Coronavirus pandemic and forced self-isolation have increased the popularity of home exercise machines. Xiaomi developers immediately responded to the market demands by introducing an updated version of the treadmill, called WalkingPad S1, which is a further development of last year’s WalkingPad R1 Pro model. The new device requires much less space and produces less noise during operation.

Compared to the last year’s model, the new WalkingPad S1 has reduced its weight by 9 kg and, when folded, takes up 45% less space in the user’s apartment. Despite minor structural changes, compared to the WalkingPad R1 Pro model, the WalkingPad S1 treadmill makes significantly less noise when used.

You can control and monitor the operation of the device using the remote control, and the information is immediately displayed on the LED screen built into the front of the simulator. The display provides you with information about the distance traveled, the number of steps, speed, time of occupation, and the number of calories burned. In addition to the remote control, the user will be able to control the WalkingPad S1 using the KS Fit mobile application. The speed of the track tape is adjusted to the pace chosen by the user, and the safety system immediately stops the track when the user stops.

Older people or patients need balance to exercise when recovering from injuries, so the developers have provided an additional option – a set of hand supports, which is supplied separately. The treadmill mat is made of the non-slip EVA material that reduces friction when walking.

Fundraising at the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform is already demonstrating excellent results. Almost 3.7 times more money necessary for the production was collected 24 days before the completion of the project. By making a pre-order, it will be possible to get a WalkingPad S1 track for $469 in October, or for $599 if it is equipped with a hand holder.