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Smart watches have entered the market. Manufacturing companies from around the world pamper the users with new samples of this wonderful invention. However, this device has yet to prove its worth, so maybe the new product developed by Samsung will cope with the task.

All the technological advances that have been taking place in the past couple of decades have thrilled and entertained us all. In fact, many of us are still learning about these nifty new devices. And, as such, it can be hard to imagine that software developers and other IT professionals are continuously coming up with new Innovations every day.

pebble-Pebble Technology Company has announced a new version of Pebble Time watch at the MWC 2015 exhibition – Pebble Steel watch comes in the case made of stainless steel. Those who participate in raising funds for the release of the new device will be offered to update their application and get an accessory with the metal rather than plastic case.

Although the market of smart watches is developing rapidly, these devices still remain a niche product for geeks and techno fashion lovers. Little is left to add for further growth in popularity – prolonged battery life and decent design.

Since the smart watch began to duplicate the functions of smartphones and was equipped with heart rate monitors, sports accessories manufacturers had to move in the same direction and abandon bulky sensors that are placed on the chest.