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Owners of digital cameras, smartphones and computers are actively using the ability to process images with the help of special algorithms. Such filters for photos are used in popular Photoshop, Instagram and Prisma applications. Using neural networks for this purpose allows bringing the process of image filtration to a new quality level. As an example, we can name the emerging possibility of changing the style of a photo in accordance with the style of another image and with high precision.

Toyota has created the first ever truck, capable of running on hydrogen fuel. The new invention turned out no worse than the diesel samples. Moreover, the representatives of the manufacturing company intend to significantly improve the current model.

This summer, the first flying taxi drones will be launched. The tests will be held in Dubai. If the experiment succeeds, the German company intends to promote its amazing creation around the world to once and for all solve problems with road congestion.

The video of the world’s largest tunnel boring machine has appeared on the Internet recently. It was affectionately called Bertha. This huge mechanism, weighing more than 6,000 tons, made a tunnel under Seattle at the depth of 61 meters.

A very unusual robot appeared in Japan. In the foreseeable future, it can totally “kill” the profession of a shop assistant. A smart cart and a new checkout system can now count the money by itself, receive payments and pack the client’s goods in a package.

There are more and more gadgets in our pockets, attaché cases, strewn around our homes, but, while it’s already regarded as customary, there is no or little actual breakthrough progress which would leave us gaping at the radical change. True, the stuff is getting better, yet we haven’t had any real surprises recently. Our iPhones remain about the same, our PCs may look differently but basically they, too, are the same good old work tools or play tools.

Hydrogel could be useful in a wide range of fields from making swathes up to soft robot manufacturing if it were stronger, not being reliable enough as it is. Attempts were made to reinforce it which finally succeeded thanks to a team of Hokkaido University researchers. They came up with a fresh idea to reinforce hydrogels with a fabric of woven fiber – and the resulting set of composites proved to be tougher than carbon steel by five times!

Imagination and creativity of some people sometimes simply amaze and confuse us. Many inventions are so serious and dramatic that they have changed the way mankind develops. Some of them simply make life easier and more enjoyable, but they do not become less significant because of that.