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Why won’t the helicopter have wings?  The guys from Airbus asked themselves this question and put the idea into practice. The new vehicle pleases its creators with its specifications, in the first place. Now the helicopter will become a much more effective aircraft.

The technology of a vertical take-off and landing has been mastered by jet aircraft for quite a long time. Today there is nothing exceptional about it, apart from the incredible fuel consumption. On the one hand, it can be called “controversial”, but on the other hand, vertical take-off and landing can have daunting prospects, especially today, when more and more engineers are obsessed with creating flying city cars!

Solar Impulse 2, a solar-powered aircraft, has successfully completed its journey around the world to demonstrate the potential of renewable energy sources. But the developers intend to continue the research and the experience only motivates the specialists to make the technology of producing and using solar energy perfect.


The largest airplane in the world has been recently presented to the public. On August 6, 4 a.m., the hybrid airplane, Airlander 10, which was originally developed for the US Army, was taken out of the hangar at Cardington British-based Air Force. After a short series of ground tests, it was about to make its first flight.