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One of the most tedious, time- and nerve-consuming procedures – parking a car – can now be done with the help of robots. French company Stanley Robotics developed a robot that is able to park a client’s vehicle. This service will help to save the time and most importantly — to protect from the stress associated with selecting a parking space and the parking process itself.

BMW introduced a new concept of an electric scooter, Motorrad Concept Link. In addition to futuristic design, it surprised us by the presence of reverse motion and the lack of the dashboard — its functions are performed by the projector. The presentation was held within the specialized exhibition, Villa d’este.

This summer, the first flying taxi drones will be launched. The tests will be held in Dubai. If the experiment succeeds, the German company intends to promote its amazing creation around the world to once and for all solve problems with road congestion.

After the high-profile presentations of Bugatti Chiron and Koenigsegg Regera in 2016, many thought that the Geneva Motor Show 2017 would not present anything new and bright. However, it turned out another way! Although this year, there have been quite few high-profile debuts, Geneva still displayed cars that embody speed and power.

Three-dimensional printing opens up unprecedented horizons in the field of production. Maybe in a few decades, it will be easy to take and print any object or device in a special salon or even at home. It is possible that cars will also be among the printed things. Anyway, today they are created with the help of 3D-printers.