Flying Home Robot Aire

The concept of a smart home is no longer new. It is constantly supplemented by new gadgets: locks, cameras, thermostats, curtains, household appliances. One of the most interesting novelties is the Aire robot, which patrols the house from the air.

The robot is designed for flying only indoors, but the people walking back and forth should not be afraid to run into it. Its creators have revised the typical design of drones, equipping Aire with a lot of sensors. The latter also influenced the size of the gadget and its weight, which is 3.5 kilograms. A case in the form of a cylinder protects the propeller of the device. To avoid collisions, Aire uses a 3D camera and an ultrasonic rangefinder.

The device can fly no more than eight minutes, and the speed of the robot is up to two meters per second. You can charge it for half an hour using a special station.

One can manage the movement of the robot with the help of a smartphone that has access to Wi-Fi. In the future, it is planned to add an autopilot. So far, this model can only detect the appearance of unpleasant activity in the house. After that, the pilot will have to join in.

The robot makes video recordings with the resolution of 4K at 60 frames per second. Possible are both night shooting and video stream transmission. Moreover, Aire can be combined with Alexa and IFTTT digital assistants. The cost of the pre-ordered flying patrol is about $699.