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During the industrial boom of the recent decades in China, the problem of improving environmental standards in the production of electricity has become sharp. There has been a need for new technologies of energy production based on renewable sources. China adopted a state program on the use of alternative energy sources to prevent emissions from conventional energy based on burning fossil fuels.

If the windows of your apartment or house face the sun, and you have to use curtains to restrict sunrays on hot days, think: are you doing the right thing? Maybe it is time to benefit from the location? The SolarGaps startup offers to install smart jalousie, which are able to generate electricity thanks to the solar panels on the slats

If the roof of your house is not equipped with solar panels yet, what prevents you from wearing them on yourself? Since all the gadgets are mobile, it is time to learn how to produce energy directly from the environment, and more specifically, from our eternal energy source – the sun. This is the principle SolSol project is based on. Photovoltaic panels have appeared on garments, mainly on jackets, coats and even on headwear with the help of Kickstarter and Indiegogo startups.

Today is an amazing time when conceptual projects become a reality. That’s what happened with an energy-saving project of the two world renowned companies – Panasonic and Toyota. Now, thanks to a solar panel roof, the car can work not only on fuel but also on alternative energy.