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The lack of hands for performing various tasks can be successfully compensated by the second pair of limbs. Developers from Keio University (Tokyo, Japan) have developed an extra pair of hands – MetaLimbs – that is controlled by the feet of the gadget’s owner. The limbs are fastened behind the user’s back in a special backpack.

The phrase “to walk in order to ride” sounds a bit strange, but it is this principle that the world’s first electric bicycle was based on, combining a bike with a treadmill. It is the ideal solution for those who really care about their health.

Many people face the problem of cold hands. As a rule, hands are freezing despite the weather and temperature. You’re sitting at the computer or writing an abstract – and you want to put on hand gloves, although it’s summer outside. In this survey, we have collected unusual inventions for people who face this problem.

Dring Smartcane, developed by the French startup Nov’in, has been declared one of the best gadgets at CES 2017 in the category of Accessible Tech. The new device is focused on the elderly people and people with reduced mobility; it has a number of sensors, including an accelerometer and a gyroscope to track the activity of its owner. When the user falls, he/she can use a two-way alert system, sending a signal to a caregiver or the family directly via the GSM network. In response, the user will hear a sound signal, proving that help is on the way.

How long can people live without sleep? The question is not without a trick, so the answer will largely depend on individual characteristics of the organism. For example, 19-year-old high school student Randy Gardner from California could avoid sleep for 11 days (264.30 hours) without any stimulants. However, it was back in 1963. Repeating the same experiment now, when we are overloaded with information and visual stimuli, is not the best idea. Sufficient daily sleep is necessary not only in order to put all the data received during the day on the necessary shelves, but also to restore the body. After all, sleep starts and accelerates body regeneration. The creators of the most advanced pajamas in the world were guided by this principle. These cutting-edge pajamas can literally rebuild your body while you are sleeping.

A fitness tracker is a smart accessory that keeps track of the owner’s body performance and reminds him/her when it is time to move. Fitness bracelets can measure blood pressure and pulse, count steps and calories burnt. The features of these remarkable devices will be discussed in our review.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to get out of bed in the morning and go about some business or chores. Delays are an extremely negative thing, and no one likes people who do not appear at the appointed time. However, one should not worry since cool alarm clocks will help you forget about all the negative things.

US scientists reported about the invention of a small device that is connected to a smartphone and enables the mobile phone to diagnose syphilis and HIV. According to the developers, the new product that costs $34 can replace laboratory equipment which costs thousands of dollars.

The number of wearable gadgets gradually increases; smart watches and bracelets, which include the features of fitness trackers are the most popular. However, it is increasingly possible to see specialized devices; Altra Halo sneakers are one of the devices designed specifically for runners.