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The phrase “to walk in order to ride” sounds a bit strange, but it is this principle that the world’s first electric bicycle was based on, combining a bike with a treadmill. It is the ideal solution for those who really care about their health.

Using a new product offered by the UrbanX startup, cycling enthusiasts will be able to save much money when transforming their traditional bicycle into an electric one. A simple and effective solution from UrbanX is to replace the usual bicycle wheel with a special electric model, designed from aircraft-grade aluminum and represented by two types: UrbanXBooster (350 W) and UrbanXEco (240 W).

Around the world, the bike is believed to be an affordable means of transportation. However, this rule has its exceptions. In this review, we have gathered the bikes, which are considered the most expensive in the world.

Every year there are dozens of different bicycle concepts. Some of them are quite funny, others can even be called insane. The latter category is the focus of the new author review. So, here are the first eight examples of how engineers mock bicycles.

Spring is the time of cycling. The lanes are already cleared of snow, and the imagination of the fans of cycling, warmed by the spring sun, has no limits judging by the bike models presented in our review.

An original wooden bike Boneshaker Big Wheel has a small rear wheel that is replaced by a unique design of mechanical legs. This bike is stable enough in off-road conditions; most importantly, it attracts the attention of tourists and onlookers.

This bike meets all the requirements concerning urban bicycles: it is light, convenient, stylish, and folding. Moreover, it is folded by just one pressing to the size of a male umbrella. It can easily be taken down to the subway; you can easily get on a crowded bus with it.