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Three-dimensional printing opens up unprecedented horizons in the field of production. Maybe in a few decades, it will be easy to take and print any object or device in a special salon or even at home. It is possible that cars will also be among the printed things. Anyway, today they are created with the help of 3D-printers.

Only smartphones with a dual photo module can shoot 3D videos. However, the tiny accessory called Eye-Plug was presented at Computex 2016 exhibition in Taipei by Taiwan Weeview startup – it gives the same opportunity to other Android-based smartphones, equipped with a USB Type-C connector.

Kickstarter is successfully promoting a project aimed at raising funds for the production of compact OLO 3D-printers, working in tandem with any smartphone run on iOS, Android, or Windows Phone, and a screen diagonal of 5.5 inches, including Apple iPhone 6S Plus and Samsung Galaxy A7. For its performance, the device uses the computing power of a smartphone and the illumination of its screen. Power is provided by four AA batteries.

Having appeared quite recently, 3D-printing penetrated the most diverse spheres of human activity, extending the horizons of possibilities. Medicine, cooking, space… The list of industries that can operate 3D-printers successfully is increasing rapidly. Experts believe that this is only the beginning of a long journey of three-dimensional printing.