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The year 2017 seems to be a great year for games, judging by the titles to be unfolded and the ones that have hit the market recently. After February’s Horizon: Zero Dawn and March’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild wonders are not going to cease. Here are some of the juiciest games we can expect in the months to come.

The naming of iPhones has been pretty standard from the very first models. There have been no changes in the naming mechanism. In the even years after the launch of their first smartphone all models had a numerical increase in the model name. In the odd years like 2017 the change in model name was usually just an ‘s’ at the end. This trend has been passed on successfully until now. Now there has been a drastic shift in the naming tradition. Why iPhone 8 instead on iPhone 7s. Read on to find the answer which is very fascinating.

Gaming is a favorite pastime of virtually every iPhone user, especially those who’ve tried out the Vegas Palms mobile casino app. Each one of us is different, but we all have our way of passing the time when standing in line, commuting, or simply looking for a temporary cure for boredom.

Many gamblers have always been weary of land-based casinos, where they may attribute a loss to a tilted roulette wheel or a poorly shuffled deck. But what about online casinos where a player’s identity is often hidden and software plays an important role? How can we control dishonest play and just how much of an influence can artificial intelligence really have?

Star Wars has had a huge impact on the silver screen, both in concepts for future movies, and references in movies past. Everywhere you look, characters now quote the original trilogy of Star Wars, profess to love the series, and echo the morals of the story behind it. There’s no doubt that Star Wars has heavily impacted many people and their imaginations, but it has also impacted the merchandising world too.

The tremendous success of Pokemon Go all around the world should get rid of any doubts concerning the coming age of VR technology, which will cross over into the gaming industry. VR coming into gamlbing industry was predictable, of course, but plenty of people are going to be skeptical about major trends like these because these trends have a way of making them question certain assumptions that they make about the world in general. Many people have been skeptical about VR technology for a long time, and the fact that it is finally here might be shocking to a lot of people. However, VR really is coming to the gambling industry, and people will be able to play VR games the way they play free slot machines now.

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If you’ve ever watched any movie set in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo then you’ll know that roulette is the ultimate game of chance. The combination of a steel wheel, small ball and 37 betting squares makes for one of the most enthralling, engaging and entertaining games in the world. However, it’s not always easy to find the time to fit in a trip to a bricks and mortar casino and take a spin at the roulette table. Fortunately, since the turn of the millennium things have changed and the advent of online casino gaming has made it possible to play roulette without leaving the comfort of your own home.