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A curious printer creating “live” images has been invented by a California startup, Prynt. You just point the camera of an Apple smartphone at a photo printed with the help of the mini-gadget – and it comes alive. Looking at it, one recalls the “Harry Potter” movie, where paintings move.

Owners of digital cameras, smartphones and computers are actively using the ability to process images with the help of special algorithms. Such filters for photos are used in popular Photoshop, Instagram and Prisma applications. Using neural networks for this purpose allows bringing the process of image filtration to a new quality level. As an example, we can name the emerging possibility of changing the style of a photo in accordance with the style of another image and with high precision.

YI Handheld Gimbal is a three-axis stabilizer for manual video shooting. The new product is developed by YI Technology, which produces domestic and action cameras together with Xiaomi. Now the manufacturer offers to buy the device with the Yi 4K camera and holders for $374.