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The phrase “to walk in order to ride” sounds a bit strange, but it is this principle that the world’s first electric bicycle was based on, combining a bike with a treadmill. It is the ideal solution for those who really care about their health.

Using a new product offered by the UrbanX startup, cycling enthusiasts will be able to save much money when transforming their traditional bicycle into an electric one. A simple and effective solution from UrbanX is to replace the usual bicycle wheel with a special electric model, designed from aircraft-grade aluminum and represented by two types: UrbanXBooster (350 W) and UrbanXEco (240 W).

Around the world, the bike is believed to be an affordable means of transportation. However, this rule has its exceptions. In this review, we have gathered the bikes, which are considered the most expensive in the world.

The newest Honda motorcycle has been presented at the CES exhibition. The main feature of this stylish futuristic invention is that it uses an almost unique system of self-balancing.

Slovenian engineers from Akrapovic Company have developed an amazing Full Moon motorcycle. It is very attractive and technologically advanced. The front wheel of the bike resembles the full moon, but its most beautiful part is the exhaust. It helps the engine produce the sounds you will quickly fall in love with.


Motorcycle department of the Bavarian BMW Motorrad company has demonstrated how bikes will look like in thirty years. It is a masterpiece among Vision Next 100 concept cars and different BMW Group brands. The bike is strikingly different from the existing trends in motorcycle design. But at the same time, it shares some characteristic features and fine details, typical of BMW products.

Biking is a very complex, responsible and even dangerous occupation. However, a bike is able to solve a number of problems, in particular, busy streets and traffic. It can also help you quickly cover walking distances. Today we will focus on a few devices that would be useful to every cyclist.

Every year there are dozens of different bicycle concepts. Some of them are quite funny, others can even be called insane. The latter category is the focus of the new author review. So, here are the first eight examples of how engineers mock bicycles.

Motorcycles with big engines are not uncommon. However, only a few of them can boast a V-shaped “eight”. Lazareth LM 847 is equipped with a 470-horsepower Maserati engine. The power is so great that it can be seen on the exterior of the bike.