Vertical Take-off E-Plane Lilum Jet

The technology of a vertical take-off and landing has been mastered by jet aircraft for quite a long time. Today there is nothing exceptional about it, apart from the incredible fuel consumption. On the one hand, it can be called “controversial”, but on the other hand, vertical take-off and landing can have daunting prospects, especially today, when more and more engineers are obsessed with creating flying city cars!

Recently, the German startup, Lilum Jet, has successfully tested the world’s first electric aircraft that can perform vertical takeoff and landing. The project’s engineers were able to achieve incredible results. Today it is the only electric plane, which does not need a long runway. After takeoff, the vehicle is able to accelerate to 300 km/h, which is comparable to the speed of a jet plane.

Due to the fact that Lilum Jet runs on electric motors, it is much cleaner and quieter, as compared to any other conventional aircraft.

The company’s representatives told us that the first test was conducted without passengers, because they tested only the most promising prototype. In the nearest future, it is planned to create a larger version of the aircraft, which will be able to accommodate five people! It is not excluded that such electric planes could become the new city vehicles or even means of public transportation.