Underwater Scooter WhiteShark MIX

Fundraising for compact scuba diving scooters by the Chinese company, Sublue, is underway on Indiegogo. The rapid development of autonomous power sources and the miniaturization of motors allowed the startup to create WhiteShark MIX, with minimal geometric parameters and less than 3 kg weight.

WhiteShark MIX is equipped with two propeller engines , allowing you to easily reach the speed of 5.6 km/hour, towing the swimmer with an average weight. Maximum diving depth is 40 meters. The motors can run in an offline mode for about two and a half hours.

WhiteShark MIX is controlled with the help of two trigger buttons, one for each engine. If the swimmer loses grip of at least one button, both motors will stop. The swimmer will maneuver underwater by manually turning the device and controlling it with his/her body and legs. For the safety, the propellers are protected by a grating, and the device has “neutral buoyancy” — if the swimmer lets go of WhiteShark MIX, it will float to the surface. The information board on the front panel informs the user about the residual battery charge. In addition, the scooter is equipped with a mount for the popular Go Pro action camera. Currently, everyone interested in the little underwater scooter will be able to order it for $349.